Te Tohu o Taiao Raukawa / Taiao Raukawa Logo

The Taiao Raukawa logo and branding represents a fully matured Raukawa tree. The Raukawa tree and leaves are powerful symbols of cultural and historical significance to all descendants of Ngāti Raukawa.

Specifically, the Raukawa tree and leaves are symbols of love and a successful union between two founding Tūpuna (ancestors), of Ngāti Raukawa. Māhinaarangi used the Raukawa leaves to scent her body to attract and seduce Tūrongo. This proved to be very successful and Tūrongo and Māhinaaringi got together and eventually gave birth to a child called Raukawa. From this union came the many descendants of Ngāti Raukawa.

For a fuller description of the oral history regarding the above two Tūpuna and related history of Ngāti Raukawa, visit the “Te Ara – The Encyclopedia of New Zealand”.

 The logo and other Taiao Raukawa branding was designed by Pakira Heke of phdgraphics, email: pa@phdgraphics.co.nz

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