Te Reo a Taiao Ngāti Raukawa / Taiao Raukawa Trust

Taiao Raukawa was formally established into a “Charitable Trust” on the 16th May 2007, which reads:

“The descendants of Ngāti Raukawa wish to establish this Charitable Trust to promote sustainable environmental management within and around the rohe of Ngāti Raukawa” (p3, ERU Trust Deed, 16th May 2007).

Taiao Raukawa’s legal status has changed to an “Incorporated Charitable Trust”, (late last year 2008).

The official name of the Trust is:

“Te Reo a Taiao Ngāti Raukawa Environmental Resource Unit Charitable Trust”.

The official trading name for the Trust is: “Taiao Raukawa”.

Originally, Taiao Raukawa has been under the management of five Trustees who along with an Interim Project Facilitator have largely been managing the business and establishment phases of the Unit to date. Recently, two more independent Trustees have been appointed who have brought important resource management legal skills and landscape expertise, with additional extensive networks within environmental related sectors. Four of the Trustees were appointed to represent Hapū of Ngāti Raukawa, and also for their experience and expertise within the environmental sector. Another Trustee is appointed to represent the interests of Te Wānanga o Raukawa.
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