Ko Mātou Tēnei / About Us

Mātou Whāinga Matāmua – Our Mission Statement

“Taiao Raukawa Environmental Resource Unit is responsible for undertaking processes to achieve sustainable environmental management of the natural and ancestral taonga of Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga, according to the tikanga of Hapū and Iwi of the region”.

Other key statements are that:

  • Taiao Raukawa Environmental Resource Unit is a Hapū driven entity of excellence for sustainable development. It is an environmental resource Unit where Hapū and participants can source expertise, resources and support for all environmental and cultural landscape matters.
  • Taiao Raukawa Environmental Resource Unit assists Hapū in co-ordinating their approaches to resource and environmental management. The centre aims to lead on environmental matters for the community and builds upon synergistic relationships with other Te Rūnanga o Raukawa (TRoR), projects and businesses.
  • Taiao Raukawa Environmental Resource Unit is committed to better understanding an environmental past in order to actively enrich and revitalize the natural and cultural landscapes in the present, and to meet the challenges of a sustainable future for the larger tribal region.

The primary focus of activities for the Taiao Raukawa trustees is to:

  • Provide strategic leadership in developing and implementing overarching environmental strategies for Ngāti Raukawa, and to support Hapū and Iwi to develop respective environmental plans;
  • Build key stakeholder relationships both internally with Hapū and Iwi participants in natural resource management;
  • Encourage restoration and place-based education projects for natural ecosystems within the wider region;
  • Collate information and educational opportunities using databases and education programmes for Hapū and wider communities;
  • Create and implement research and development opportunities;
  • Increase commercial opportunities and relationships with entities, and investigate other opportunities such as ecosystems services or ecological market trading.
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